Simple and easy to use chat, video and voice calls for teams

Cliq is a simple and easy to use team collaboration software😎 It includes all-in-one chat, bots, voice and video for increased business productivity ✌

We don't claim to disrupt the way you work but we are motivated by something far simpler: to make collaboration a bit more humane through task automation through commands, integrations and bots 😬

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Thanks much for hunting us @sujanpatel! Meow! 😻 Product Hunters, I'm excited to share what we've been working on and get your feedback. Cliq is on a mission to simplify team collaboration. It blends instant messaging with video, audio, and group conferencing to create a unified communications system for organizations of every size.  We also offer an extremely liberal free plan.  We don't claim to disrupt the way you work or make the world a better place via messaging. We are motivated by something far simpler: to make collaboration a bit more humane, one chat at a time. Of course, with a little help from integrations and bots 😬 In addition to its messaging capabilities 💬, Cliq offers, Group video calls 📹 – Cliq’s unique group video calling feature, PrimeTime, removes the chaos of a normal group video call and lets people take turns speaking to other video callers.   Audio and video calls 📞 📹 – Cliq also supports the standard, one-on-one and group calls — both audio and video — which users can start right from their chat window. 💬 AI-driven communications administration – Cliq delegates administrative tasks to an Intelligent Assistant, Zia, so users can create an event. Zia will create the group chat 👥 before the meeting, add all participants, send reminders and archive the group chat. Animated emojis – We are rolling out nearly 100 new, animated emojis – Zomojis – that have been created exclusively for Cliq.  Cliq for Developers -  Cliq can be easily extended. It offers a platform which allows users to create chat bots in Cliq and use them for automating internal processes. I'm sure you read the description and thought "Here is another team collaboration app 😉" but there is more than what meets the eye.👀 That is why we are giving away our 'Unlimited' plan 🆓 for 12 months for the first 250 people who sign up via PH. 💯 Go on, take Cliq for a spin!  We'll be here all day, ask away your questions ;)  PS: Hey, I almost forgot to tell you 🙊 We offer a migration tool if your team is already on # (No prizes for guessing😎 )
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@sujanpatel @iambii This looks amazing! Can't wait to give it a try.
@nscalice, I'm glad that you are liking what you see, do take Cliq, for a spin and let us know your feedback 😊

We're moving off of Slack to this, primarily because it has the same features we use on Slack, but is going to allow us to create some really awesome commands and bots that tie into the rest of our operations on the Zoho platform.


Easy to use, price is right, awesome potential


Haven't found any yet

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Hi ! :D It would be wonderful if artificial intelligence allows you to schedule automatic messages when you are not connected.
Absolutely! When they launched this Slack integration, have migrated with no doubts.
The best part is its intuitive and eye catching new logo
Just awesome. I would be very pleased if you would provide whiteboard feature( Team sketching and image annotation ) as it is frequently used by teams. Also some more themes and compact mode will be a very welcome addition.
@mohan_kumar It is actually on top of our priority list. We are working on the Screensharing feature right now and the Whiteboard feature is next. I don't have an ETA right now, but it should be available soon. :)
@harish_narayanan Awesome. Zoho is just firing with all its wide range of products. I was just amazed when i went to know that so many of Zoho products have been given editor's choice by Pcmag and they truly deserve it. Meanwhile would you just more clarify the difference between Zoho connect and Zoho cliq with respect to their future roadmap.

If you're using any of the 34+ Zoho App, incl. CRM, Projects, or Creator, adding Cliq makes so much sense - it incorporates ZApps data access into your chats. Love it.


Tight integration with Zoho suite of Apps, bots


Nothing so far

Oh yeah! Our community had migrated discussions from Telegram to Cliq!