A simple clipboard manager on the web

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Pretty unique, I like how you simply tap on the item to copy it and have access to it instantly. I myself have not seen a library of things to copy before so kudos for that ^^ Then again, I think it would be 10 times as useful if it was done through a Chrome (or any other browser) extension, for example showing in the new tab or easily accessible in the top bar. Nonetheless, great work :)
@tcodinat Thanks for the kind words and great feedback. You're right. Having this available as an extension would be super useful. I'll work on that next.
A clipboard manager on the web, for storing frequent copy-pastes. Click an item to copy it. No need to install an extension or create an account.
@seanzarrin will it be possible to share the list of personal clips, or maybe create a team based clips? Would be really cool
@rubenvivanti that's a great idea. I've also been thinking about implementing something similar to that. It's definitely possible