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A new iOS app for making and sharing fun social videos 📸

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A few days ago I shared a survey on Twitter, asking folks which "story" app they default to when capturing a moment: Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Most chose Snapchat or Instagram, but many also replied with the answer: "the default camera app" The biggest missing piece with the default iOS camera is shareability, which Clips is clearly designed for. Apple historically hasn't had success creating social software (remember Ping?) but curious how this plays out.
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@rrhoover Interesting. Apple is the last company I tend to look at for this kind of thing. Wonder what the motivation behind this is.
@rrhoover This is very interesting. I expect it'll do better than any iMessage app. Instagram will be the main benefactor in my opinion.
@rrhoover I'm trying to figure out why they went this route vs. building these features, or just the basic features of Clips, into the camera app. Maybe it's due to overcrowding the app with features, but now I'll need to use two Apple camera apps. I feel like this could have taken over the "Square" setting in the Camera app. One mans opinion...
@andreasduess @rrhoover *Tomorrow on @ProductHunt front page* "Google Photo's Stories"
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Why everybody around is getting crazy about this social sharing stuff... Am I the only one who don't want to make & share videos from my personal life?
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Depending on how well it's executed, this could be cool: "Clips recognizes who’s in your videos and makes smart suggestions for sharing. Just tap a name to send your video using Messages."
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@dannyfreed The immediate voice-to-text is pretty huge, too. Many social videos are viewed in a feed on mute.
@dannyfreed Facebook does that in Facebook and Fb Moments apps
@sbcallender Excellent point! Love that you brought that up. I, too, think the voice-to-text feature is a seemingly small benefit with enormous potential for huge user adoptability (& conversion from other apps).
@dannyfreed If it's there, I couldn't find it after 15 mins of looking... :-)
So Apple "Stories" is called Clips
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