Copy and paste multiple items, with ease

Clippy is a tool that keeps the history of what you copy and lets you easily navigate, search and use previous clipboard contents. We know how easy copying and pasting should be, so lets keep it that way! Only on MacOS.....for now :)
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! I demand windows one and only
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@ayush_chandra Definitely plan on doing so very soon!
@thayallans Looks really good but doesn't work with MacOS 10.13.6. Any plan on supporting it for the OS version?
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@rishabh_tayal A couple people have told me that they have an older OS version. If I get enough upvotes for this comment, I will definitely release a compatible version :)
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Hello World! Super excited to release my second product on Product Hunt. Over the past year since I moved from Linux to macOS I struggled to find a clipboard manager that is as free and simple as Parcellite, but I couldn't. So instead I just decided to build one. We build out a tool that allows users to copy multiple items and be able to use shortcuts to access the copied items! Planning on building a V2, let me know what you guys think would be valuable below!
@thayallans looks great! congrats I download and tried the ClippyApp, Is it true that the command + number combination doesn't work as a shortcode to paste the other items? Thanks and good luck mate!
@alf_19 Command + number, copies the item you want to your current clipboard. So now you can go ahead and hit Command+V and paste whatever you selected. Hope that helps!