Make fun GIFs and clips from any web video on your iPhone

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Clippy is my favorite new app! I use it to share videos ALL THE TIME now. A process that would take me 20 min to download from YouTube, edit on QuickTime, send to myself, so I can upload a video natively to Twitter or Facebook, now takes 30 seconds - on mobile - and I can add fun text and edit parts of the clip on the fly. Recent Examples: 🎧 Making fun of AirPods commercial: 🚙 Sharing funny Uber driver video by Shots: 😅 Pointing out this GENIUS idea by @RudyMancuso in a recent video:
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Since I'm using @RudyMancuso's funny Star Wars video for the GIFs, you might as well enjoy the whole video 🎥✨
I was playing with this the other day, surprised how easy it was to create a GIF from a video with overlaid text, emojis, or stickers. 👍🏼
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We really want to bring gif creation to be main stream, rather than a super passionate niche thing. It's so much fun to create these things, but until now, it was super hard and time consuming (as Niv said).
@nivo0o0 - thanks so much for the hunt! We are so thrilled to introduce the Clippy iPhone app! With Clippy you can: 1. Make gifs and clips from almost any web video, without having to download the source video first. So it takes less than a minute, and your data plan doesn’t get destroyed! 2. Make gifs and clips via the share extension, without ever having to leave the source app 3. Use any keyboard to embed emojis and animated stickers into your gifs and clips Here is a cute gif made with the Kevin Durant emoji keyboard: We would love to hear any suggestions and to answer any questions! We can also be reached at Happy Clippying!
@bulleitandcoke @getclippy my favorite new app! amazing progress from when you first showed me a few months ago. It's sooo good now.
@nivo0o0 @getclippy thanks so much Niv! we aim to please :)
@bulleitandcoke @getclippy this looks like a blast, any android love in the works?
@nnewbykew @getclippy Thanks! Android is in the works. Check in a couple of months? :)
Forgot to mention my genius co founder. @itay1336 Also. Here is a quick youtube video showing how to make a gif with the iOS share extension. It's pretty cool...
This looks awesome!
@brendonto Thanks Brendon!