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Instantly compress, convert and record video

Clipchamp lets users convert, compress and record videos inside the browser without uploading them to any servers. All files are processed directly on the user’s device and can be saved or shared afterwards with ease.

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ClipChamp looks nice. One feature could make it AWESOME: screen recording :)
Myself and my @whoisjosephmark colleagues had the pleasure of working with the ClipChamp team a few months ago to help re-invision their product. I thought PH might like it. The product allows video to be captured and/or processed (compressed & converted) completely in your browser, eliminating the need to upload video to a server, or to download any apps or plug-ins. Enjoy!
Congrats team, ClipChamp looks great!
Doesn't seem to work. Tried a few videos, after making selection, they just stay pegged at 0% progress. Tried a few different options. Original video was 4mb. Also, with the trim option, there's no clear way to tell what you're trimming - no playback on the edit and no exact time (first marker is at 11 seconds).
This looks great, was going through the API docs and demos. I would mention the pricing scheme sadly alienates many. Per video except on enterprise is a non-starter with B2C apps. Pls see Ziggeo, Addpipe, CameraTag. Even those, for the most part, are pretty pricey early in, but at least they have either per-second or per-minute plans. Many users, uploading many videos, it should be determined by the time of video IMHO. Great product hope it considers this direction.