Clipchamp Create

Create and edit incredible videos for free

Clipchamp Create is a unique in-browser video editor that lets anyone make professional videos for free.

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👋 Hey there! Alex here from Clipchamp – a video technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Clipchamp Create is the newest addition to our suite of products: an in-browser video editor that lets you make professional videos for free. Our streamlined offering of core editing tools means that you’re only working with the essentials. Editing directly from your web browser means that you don’t have to stuff around with complex software – the entire process is a lot faster. Each creation is saved locally on your computer, meaning more control and quicker rendering. Create Plus subscribers also get access to a number of other features including a stock library with over 150,000 stock footage videos. We’d love to know what you guys think of Clipchamp Create.
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@alexdreiling What a product ! Couple of thoughts if you are doing B2B : a) Target companies who are hiring for video editors because if a company is hiring for video editor, it will be interested to invest money in a product which will aid their process. b)Target companies who have recently raised funds because these are the companies which will be doing marketing aggressively and might be using your product for video creation. Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this.

So much easier to use than 'industry standard' video editing tools.


Super simple video editing. Works in-browser.


Some features still coming.

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Super impressed with the Clipchamp journey. Seeing the preview for this at the 2M users party (which is now 3M?!!) recently was exciting. Definitely see this fitting into my creative workflow, and just generally inspired how the company has grown and built out such a great team <3
Side note: the link up right at time of writing goes right to the web-app, which if you're not logged in shows the signup/login page. This dumps right into the app so might be a little confusing for new users (Create is in beta so onboarding looks like it's still in progress). Check out first for the full picture :) <3
Thanks so much for the feedback @davedri! And you're right, we're in the process of putting the final touches on our onboarding sequence for Create. I'm actually going to include the link you suggested now to reduce confusion for any new users to the platform. 👍

Amazing how much in-browser capabilities is provided, would be awesome to see where this is going.


Easy to use, makes editing a video super quick


Would be great to have complex functions like motion tracking etc.

I don't think asking people to sign up without showing/giving them incentive to do so is a good idea. You should at least show an explainer video there or something.
@iamtekeste I know how frustrating that can be and I actually happened to come across a video demo right before I read your comment, so why not share it: