Clipcast is a search engine for podcasts. You can enter a phrase, name, or topic and get targeted clips of audio from our available podcasts for your search. These clips can then be shared for quick reference.

We are starting out in a specific market, targeting fantasy football podcasts, but other topics will be added soon.

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We designed Clipcast to make it easier to find topics of interest in your favorite podcasts, or discover all new ones based on your interests. While we are starting out in a specific niche market, fantasy football, we hope to quickly branch out to other markets. What would you like to see us add next? What podcasts would you like to search and get targeted clips?
Slighty confused by the wording football
@aleksiszalitis Yes, sorry, meant American Football, I can see now that could be confusing! Judging by our recent searches it seems we have quite a few people looking for football (soccer) on the site. What do you think, is that the next major sport we should target? Is there a podcast community around it?
@eric_j_ely Well there is the Fantasy Premiere League community which is growing quite a bit - for actual numbers and podcasts I don't know, though there are easily 5-10 podcasts which come out weekly. Best place to check it out would be the r/fantasypl subreddit.
i really love it :))
How are you sourcing the podcasts? For instance, I have a sports podcast available through the Apple API but it doesn't appear here it seems. Interesting idea
@thedarkginger As of now, we are selectively incorporating podcasts. The system is still young and we are starting small, so we can't search every podcast out there, yet. The plan is to expand out to other topics soon, starting with sports in general as opposed to just fantasy football.