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We loved seeing you guys at Launch and we're happy to see you on Product Hunt too! Cathy from our office is using ClipCard and is finding extremely useful!
@claudeb_mit Glad to hear it, Claude. We love what you're doing at Noble Brewer and appreciate the shout-out. Can't wait to see some Seattle based beer on your roster!
@claudeb_mit @jimmynotyres Both of you guys keep it up. Launch Festival was definitely a blast.
ClipCard is the fastest way to get to your stuff — anything in Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, GitHub, and beyond — anywhere you’re working. We made ClipCard for people like us: makers, tech teams, and others who work across many different apps. ClipCard brings together your notes, issues, projects, contacts, files, and more. You can see the latest stuff from across your apps as you’re working and link right to what you need. It's free and works in any browser; you can get started by creating an account at We’ve recently launched and would love to hear your feedback; @jimmynotyres and I will be available all day here (and on Twitter) to answer any questions. Thanks!
Hey Ryan! I've been using ClipCard for a couple weeks now and love it – great stuff. The home screen feed of updates all our team members are making to docs is super useful – it's been a killer addition to Google Drive for me. Are you guys considering Slack integration at some point too?
Thanks @adamjh! Really glad you guys are liking ClipCard. We've definitely been asked a lot about Slack and are indeed working on something there — we're pretty excited about some new ways to search all your stuff and get to it right from where you're working, even right where you're chatting. Stay tuned for more on that front in the coming weeks!
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