ClipCard for Mac

Instant cloud search with a keystroke on your Mac

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Sometimes it's hard to remember which cloud-based services a file was stored on. This might help.
Sweet update @jimmynotyres and team. You guys move fast! Insane progress since meeting you guys at launch :)
@derekminter Thanks! We're moving fast because people need access to their stuff anywhere they're working! ClipCard for Mac is just one of the places we're working on connecting people's apps. Slack and others are coming soon...
Thanks for the hunt @prsarahevans! Our goal: shorten the distance between you and your stuff. We're building ClipCard into the places you already work. Right on your Mac is just a start. This new app lets you set a hotkey so that you get to your projects, notes, presentations and cat gifs with a simple keystroke—in context, anywhere you're working. We'd love to know what you think! @Jimmynotyres and I will be happy to answer any questions!
@prsarahevans - Really appreciate the shout-out and glad you think finding your stuff even faster from a Mac is valuable!
@jimmynotyres looooove this!!!! Thanks for creating something useful. :)
This is awesome! Terrific update.
@crixlet Thanks man! We're stoked that you love it. Let's have a visit soon!