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By the way few notes about how we developed Clip: - 1 dev - 1 UI designer All built on Top of Parse framework 6 months development
Our idea of Clip was motivated by 3 main things: 1. Lyrics = memories, feelings, mood, emotions 2. What's the best way to share emotions ? MUSIC 3. Artist can use Clip in the future to make full length music video Have a look at the video, explains all www.clipapp.co
@jbathiat Clip looks like Mindie a lot.
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@jbathiat @syswarren way different than mindie, plus we can leverage trough our 30M musixmatch's user base.
@jbathiat @syswarren Apart from adding lyrics, it's the same app... Even the UI is very similar ...
@jbathiat @EtienneServant Exactly what I meant. Similar concept and UI. Except for the lyrics thing.
@jbathiat @syswarren @maxciociola how is it different other than the lyrics? seems like parts are just lifted from Mindie and JamCam.
@maxciociola Yeah you didn't know @mindieapp but it looks like it's been a great inspiration ;) http://www.mindie.co/c/rt6kjqwn6etV @syswarren @jbathiat
@mindieapp @syswarren @jbathiat @craffenoux you guys pissed off ?? ;-) yep this is a video of mine i confirm... i use so many apps that i forgot your app's name... Btw your app is great why you're so pissed off ? Clip. It's a camera app. With music+lyrics. Period. don't understand why you guys think we've copied you guys. Anyway the best will win. Wish you guys all the best max
I was lucky enough to be on the beta for this - great idea, a mix of instagram + music and lyrics . Can see it being a hit
@mutlu82 musixmatch have done a great job on executing in the lyrics space. Interesting to see them branch out like this. Need to get Max C in here to discuss.