Mobile wallet that treats you & friends to fun surprises

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Ben Parr
@benparr · Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI
So it's a card that... Gives you rewards? I mean... Isn't that like every card out there? Why... Why would I use this over my Amex or another card? Their pitch is... Incomplete. Flat. Unappealing. No reason to switch. I'm just sad about the whole Clinkle episode. These comments are gonna be a shit show.
Murat Mutlu
@mutlu82 · Co-Founder, Marvelapp
Some seriously good animations on this
Tori Bunte
@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Talk about pivoting.
Yury Lifshits
@yurylifshits · CEO, Channel Street Labs
— A debit card — An app showing transaction history — Rewards shared with friends — Sending cash to friends Did I got it right?
Mark Egerman
@megerman · Cover, Co-Founder
As a former regulator and co-founder of a mobile payments startup, this one's a headscratcher. Is this a less profitable version of HigherOne? Is it Simple for a smaller market and four years too late? Do they think there'll be enough prepaid interchange to pay for rising customer acquisition costs, loyalty programs, and infrastructure? This has become a fai… See more