Mobile wallet that treats you & friends to fun surprises



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Ben (Kenobi) ParrΒ β€” Captivology / DominateFund
So it's a card that... Gives you rewards? I mean... Isn't that like every card out there?

Why... Why would I use this over my Amex or another card?

Their pitch is... Incomplete. Flat. Unappealing. No reason to switch.

I'm just sad about the whole Clinkle episode.

These comments are gonna be a shit show.
Murat MutluΒ β€” Co-Founder, Marvelapp
Some seriously good animations on this
Jonathan MooreΒ β€” Designer & Founder, Style Hatch
@mutlu82 I'm loving the "treats" animation.
Rob RyanΒ β€” Product Designer, Shift
@Moore thanks guys :-)
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