IoT meets home healthcare

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Two devices: a non-invasive thermometer and a stethoscope that can be used at home--either alone with the aid of the accompanying app, or with the help of a "Doctor on Demand" (see above Related Link).
Thanks for the Hunt, Kiki. Love to hear everyone's thoughts. I'm here to answer any questions.
@thebighedlin I think this looks amazing. I am a former Army medic so I know how many times it has been a benefit to me with my limited skills even to be able to listen to lung sounds prior to making a decision to take kid to urgent care or such to be able to have a medical opinion would be great. I really see a lot of great potential for this product and related service. Will be interested in learning more as it develops.
What a brilliant idea!
Pretty cool use of tech and IoT. Also, random question: is this affiliated at all with HealthTap? I see the same doctor in the video promo as on :p
Thanks for the support Robert! Any questions, don't hesitate to give me a shout.