Never argue over your weather source again

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Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Former Head of Mobile at Splash
Is arguing over a weather source something people do? ;)
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@zackshapiro lol, I was just thinking that
Andrew Condurache@acondurache
@zackshapiro @_jacksmith mash it up with tinder and you have one great conversation starter lol
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
@zackshapiro not in SF - 'it's foggy' could be hardcoded :P
Tom Maxwell@tomaxwell
@zackshapiro Yes. I know my parents and I do.
JorikHunter@thisisjorik · Strategist @ DDB
Normally I would switch between Yahoo and Dutch local weather sources. It would be great if you can add your favorite sources.
JorikHunter@thisisjorik · Strategist @ DDB
Something I see a lot of people doing, but maybe that's because I live in Holland and the weather is hard to predict and genuinely sucks.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · @nocodemvp | @startupstash (Acquired)
@thisisjorik ^^ what he said!
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
Love this - been cycling a lot recently which is a nightmare with the random flash storms we've been getting in London. (my usual source) is always totally wrong - will say it's raining when it's sunny and say it's sunny when there's a hailstorm…
Simon Blake@simonatpaddle · Community and Brand Development
@zackshapiro Pretty much! Especially in the UK.