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Climb is a small but handy app that pushes your progress in achieving long term goals. Want to renovate your house? Or maybe launch a satellite? But feel like staying in the same place as yesterday? Lose your motivation? Climb is here to help.
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Looks interesting, but how do you differentiate from the other habit trackers out there?
Typo in your app description: "But feel like staying in the same place as yesterday?" should probably be "But feel like you're staying in the same place as yesterday?" The first is interpreted as "do you feel like staying...?" (ie "do you want to stay...?"). The second is what you're probably going for.
We all know this feeling, you set yourself a goal, start moving, everything seems fine but ... after a couple of weeks, you start to lose your initial spark of motivation and gradually burn out. Gradually, you stop moving towards the goal and doing other things. And you start to hate yourself for it and worry, which is even worse for your productivity. I know that feeling very well. Alas, so many great ideas were abandoned and great achievements were not made. This is why I created the Climb app-a pocket assistant for achieving your goals. After studying the features of human psychology, I came up with a new rule - every day to record what was done to achieve the goal and especially cool achievements to share with friends on social networks. My Climb app helps me do this. It's like a strict coach-it makes me report on my work every day. Thanks to him, I see my progress and my motivation does not fade, and thanks to the support of loving friends, I continue my path to great achievements. In the end, the Climb app helped me finish writing and releasing itself:)
Vlad maker
Will there be a version for Android?