Auto mail a letter to a US Senator demanding climate action

ClimateAction gives you a new, easy way to advocate for action on climate change. Choose a Senator. Choose what to say. Personalize it. Click send. The app does the rest. It's just $2.47 per letter or, if you have a sponsor code like the one below, it's free!
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Hey Hunters! Thanks for checking out Climate Action! Thanks for the hunt, @chrismessina! I’m Adam, I helped build it and we wanted to help get the ball rolling so we’re sponsoring the first 50 letters sent by Hunters so they're free. Use the code “CLIMATEACTIONPH” and pay it forward! And if you've got any questions or comments, we'll be around today.
simple, effective, and highly informative. letter writing is one of those tasks on my wish list, procrastinated only bc I had no idea where to start. love this.
@etrelstad Awesome! That's exactly why we built it. We knew we weren't the only ones with the same problem!
Hi @thekerp, @konstantin_brazhnik & @_ethan_mackay_! Product looks awesome, congratulations on your launch 🙌🎉. I am the founder & maker of Climate 365 ( would love to talk to you guys about your plans for the future with ClimateAction as it seems like we are in the same space 🌲 James 🌍
Hey @jlalmes ! Thanks! I just checked out Climate 365 and it looks really cool. We are definitely in the same space. Sending you a message now!
Love this! Super easy, love using something digital to invoke a tangible action.