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Color coded charts and tables for climate comparison

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#5 Product of the DayJune 09, 2018

Climate for me is a tool for side by side comparison of climates in various places all over the world.

You can use it to check typical climate conditions in the place where you're going or just find a place on earth where you'd like to live because of the weather :)


Łukasz Leonowicz
Paweł Wyporski
Krystian Rosiński
  • Pros: 

    Really simple app for people who want to travel to some unknown part of world!


    No cons at all!

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Colin Jones
Colin Jones@ctothejones · Product @Turner, MBA @KelloggSchool
I always knew Seattle had my ideal weather. Now I can prove it by comparing to everywhere else I've lived. Warmer than Chicago, cooler than Atlanta, and just the right amount of rain and clouds 😎⛅️
Matt Leonowicz
Matt LeonowiczMaker@mat_leoon · Dev & Design
Hi there! Let us know what you think! We're open to suggestions, so we can improve it in the future. Thanks!
Stefan Wrobel
Stefan Wrobel@swrobel · Founder/Consulting CTO
@mat_leoon I don't really get this. If I'm supposed to be discovering locations, why do I have to search and compare? Shouldn't there be a way to search by criteria?
Matt Leonowicz
Matt LeonowiczMaker@mat_leoon · Dev & Design
@swrobel Thanks for the suggestion! This one comes up quite often, and that's one of the features we'd like to add to it with time.