The easiest way to bring your friends closer

The easiest way to bring your friends closer together in one place

imagine if you are closer together


*ANNOUNCEMENT we are giving 1000 gems for our first 5 million users

*Discover & Closer

Clikq allows you to follow your friends

And be closer together in new way Trust me it's lit

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Abel PaulStudent | Developer | Designer
Cool idea for getting rewarded for group calls! but theres a couple of spelling issues, UI bugs that make the experience a little lackluster
Aziz WataDigital Marketeer and Sales
@abelpaulgeorge Hi I'm the CEO of Clikq thank you for using the app I always appreciate feedbacks however, we already updated the app with the new version and we will launch our live streaming this coming months and much more ๐Ÿ˜Š