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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@davecblake - could you explain what this product does please? Not sure I quite understand - in an old company we had success managers but maybe from this side of the pond (🇬🇧 ) the whole 'success' phrase is misunderstood 😄
Dave Blake
Dave BlakeMaker@davecblake · Founder/CEO, ClientSuccess
@bentossell you bet, ClientSuccess helps B2B SaaS customer success (or account management) teams proactively manage, engage, retain and grow their *existing* customer base. ClientSuccess provides both best practice methodology and analytics to help you take care of your customers.
Sunil J
Sunil J@suniljahan
Really interesting app, and congrats on the raise announcement today. Do you employ any predictive science in your insights?
Dave Blake
Dave BlakeMaker@davecblake · Founder/CEO, ClientSuccess
@suniljahan thanks for the kind words and the question. We deliver insights and analytics based on proprietary algorithms. Our focus is to empower CSMs to proactively manage their customers and we do that very effectively without having to use advanced predictive science to do so at this time.