Requirement collection for freelancers and agencies.

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2020
Requirement collection + file upload + Call scheduling for freelancers and agencies in a streamlined format. Your clients get easy to fill chat-like experience.
Say goodbye to boring contact forms, emails and unproductive first calls.
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Hi all - My first launch on Product hunt! 🎉🎉🎉 Client. is a simple tool for requirement collection for freelancers and agencies. Getting the requirements right is the first step in any successful project. More often we spend a lot of time on to and fro emails, calls and "discussing" the project to get that initial idea. Our current setup includes:: Initial questionnaire + File upload + Call scheduling We'll be putting up NDAs later this week, so your clients can just get the NDA signed in less than a minute. This is a very early launch, please let me know your feedback! 😁I'll be around to answer any questions!
Nice design and product demo idea! Good job cause it's a great way to filter your job requests! I really liked the chat-based system to collect the requirements. It creates a feeling of urgency that made me structure my though. One minor UX-related remark is about the upload file section. It's not documented enough and therefore it is not clear what type of files should I upload.
@draptis Noted, we are on it! Please give us a few hours to work something out! 🙌
@draptis Here we go! We'll try to work out something nicer soon, but for now
@draptis @cod3boy I agree, although there is a file upload, it's not clear to a client what exactly they need to be uploading. You can guide them and say please share any files we should look at such as designs, mocks, business plans, etc...
@draptis @i_wein Hey Issac - we added a new question - see this screenshot - but looks like it may not be that obvious. We'll try something soon!
@draptis @i_wein @cod3boy Images aren't supported? 😁🤔
I'm currently not in the market for such a product, but I have to say - I was immediately drawn by the visuals and clean design. Great job & good luck!
@branimir_hrzenjak Thank you! 🎉Really appreciate you taking time to checkout and saying that! :)
I like the idea, it definitely makes collecting information from potential clients a more enjoyable experience but that's really it. Also it feels like a very unfinished product, lots of bare looking pages and some sections just don't make sense like the leads. In addition, some of the core logic just does not making sense. Example: the questions lead to the user to select a time they want to schedule a call, but the application never asks for a phone number? My next steps would be to work on the current features you have, refine them, fix some of the logic and focus on the quality of the lead collection flow. Possible lead goes to my page > collect information > ASK FOR PHONE NUMBER > select a time > etc
@chek Thank you for the valuable feedback! 😁We put this together in a very short period, but that is never an excuse, the leads page is meant for people who don't have any inbound leads on their own, I think the page lacks clarity, will surely work on that! About phone number, most people prefer email, so we have email for now. We'll be letting people customise their questions themselves soon! But I really wish you didn't down vote us for this 😪
@chek @cod3boy most people do prefer email, but if someone who supposedly wants to work with you outright refuses to give you their phone number, that can't be a good sign
I love the direction you’re heading with this, nice work!
@richp_ Thank you!! :) Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this better!