#Clicky for Slack

Post links to Slack with a single click

Sometimes the simple tools are the best ones! I share a lot of links on our team Slack, so #Clicky is definitely a timesaver for me. I love that you can choose which channel/recipient you want the link to go to, and adding a message is a nice touch.
@riaface So cool, I was waiting for this extension! This a great timesaver indeed. Thanks for hunting this @riaface 👍
@riaface @nicomage Glad you both like it! Like @riaface I found myself sharing so many links to Slack it was becoming a pain to copy and paste every single one into multiple channels. It's a very simple idea so I tried to execute it in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. It's great to hear that other people are enjoying using it and have found it as useful as I have!