An app that swipes on Tinder every time you click your mouse

When ClickSwipe is running, click anywhere, in any application: every time you click your mouse your Tinder automatically swipes right in the background
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Feels like you and the MSCHF team are launching something new every week. What does your brainstorm/ideation process look like, @15greenberg
Like you, I’m a very busy person. Far too busy to swipe through photo after photo. That’s why, MSCHF just launched ClickSwipe, a new desktop app for Mac and PC that automatically swipes right on Tinder every time you click your mouse. Never again do you have to swipe mindlessly on Tinder at 2 am. Each time you click your mouse, ClickSwipe will swipe right on a potential match for you. Landed a headshot in Fortnite? That’s a swipe! Liked a meme on Twitter? That’s also a swipe! Downloaded an attachment in Slack? That’s a swipe too! Sobbed silently into a $400 body pillow? That’s not a swipe, but definitely a sign that you should download ClickSwipe and try meeting someone. I’m happy to field any non-pillow related questions about the project.
@15greenberg sooooo I'm assuming you made the product as a joke/social commentary? This comment reads like satire.
This is absurd, what is the point of this? You can’t get laid so you need to swipe right on every single person? This is disgusting and made by an obviously straight cisgendered man who can’t get laid.
@leeked Okay, so first of all I'm calm, secondly I'm expressing an opinion that you felt the need to counter, for whatever reason. I never said that I don't think this person should be allowed to create such a tool. I just think it's garbage and promotes a negative and inauthentic experience which dating apps have plenty of.
@henkholveck I scroll down on MSCHF drops for comments like these
This is hilarious lol
If you think you will get more matches with this, you clearly don't know how these apps work