Clickky's Self-Serve Platform

A self-serve platform to make mobile app promotion easy

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Hi product hunters! I am Clickky’s CEO and founder and I’m happy to introduce the easiest way to promote applications through a self-serve platform. We used our 4-year experience on the market to design the most convenient interface for our all-in-one mobile advertising platform. Here you can set up, launch, optimize and analyze mobile app promo campaigns really fast and smart. The platform incorporates a whole set of automatization tools helpful for developers, mobile performance networks and agencies. What we offer: CPI payment model – you only pay for users who install their apps Focus on the non-incentive traffic. While incentive advertising means offering some kind of a reward for app-installs, non-incentive advertising goal is to reach target audience, able to generate additional value and boost revenue. Automated generation of creative materials, so you don't need to upload anything! Automated tracking link builder CPI prediction tool – you see an average cost per install for their targeting and do not overpay for particular campaign. Access to premium publishers Special offers like freebies and discounts from Clickky’s verified partners Soon to be released: Retention Rate Tool will allow you to optimize your campaigns, based on reports about retention rate of users from each traffic source. Retention rate is one of the core metrics of traffic quality.There is no need to use several analytical tools any more: you can check the analytics of gained users and their retention directly in the platform interface. Blacklisting Tool allows to blacklist websites, where you don’t want to show their ads. Integration Testing System, which automatically tests integration with Clickky’s platform. CPE ad campaigns. Within this model you pay for actions that user takes after an app is installed: reaching certain level in mobile game, making an in-app purchase, sales, time spent in the app or pages viewed, etc. Hope you will enjoy Clickky’s platform! We’d gladly hear your feedback.
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Nice to see Clickky here, guys ! Congrats with new self-serve platform !
@artem_borodatyuk Thank you, Artem!
With Clickky, you can manage your budget, choose formats, launch and optimize your mobile CPI campaigns.
Haven't tried this new product yet, but I've seen previous products of this team, and I'm sure that the new one will be also great. Good luck to you, guys!
@vladimirpolo Thanks for your kind words. We are trying to do our best!
What type of traffic do you use on your platform? incentive/ non-incentive
@nymdar4eg Hi Igor! We offer both non-incentive and incentive traffic types however we suggest to use the non-incentive traffic in case you want to acquire users who will eventually show great retention rate. Through our platform you'll easily connect to premium traffic sources that supply best quality users to our clients. The incentive traffic might be interested for those who think to acquire some boost in installs – if that's your case, you should give it a go. I'd also like to point out that not every platform provides a non-incentive traffic solution, and that is one of the reasons Clickky's self-serve stands out.
@kengu_rut Very well, thank you very much