Clickky Monetization Platform

A monetization solution with a new format — mobile in-text

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Hey hunters! First of all, @kwdinc thanks for hunting us here. I am Clickky’s founder and I am really happy to introduce our fresh solution for mobile monetization. A little bit more about Clickky Monetization Platform and mobile in-text ads and how exactly these can help you to make additional profit from your content on mobile. Mobile in-text format is an easy-to-integrate ad format that allows to monetize text links on mobile websites. It is best applied on blogs that heavily rely on textual content. In-text ads are well-known on desktop and were successfully used on Cnet, Independent, and other prominent websites. As mobile traffic continues to grow, we developed an in-text solution, which can be used on mobile. What makes the in-text mobile advertising unique: - In-text ads allow to save valuable ad space and do not interfere with the design of a website in any way; - They add a hyperlink to a word or a phrase that leads to an advertised mobile webpage or application on App Store or Google Play; - Publishers who use the format are anyway paid on CPM model. How does it work? - We use Javascript to analyze the keywords on all pages of the website - Our optimization engine compares keywords with keywords assigned for mobile offers in Clickky’s database - When there is a match, Clickky’s platform creates a link to the offer relevant to the content of a website - We make sure that links match the content of your website. As for the profit, the main rule is the same: the more visitors you’ve got, the more money you can expect to earn. Hope you will enjoy mobile in-text ads at Clickky’s platform. Let us know what you think!
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@vadim_rogovskiy Good luck with the revampked Clickky. I am giving it a try. I signed up but the 50$ credit doesn't appear in the dashboard. I have tried contacting you via Intercom chat option but no one responded from yesterday. Thanks in advance Cheers! Pravil
@pravilz hi Pravil! It's better to look over the absence of a bonus with a support team as well. I'm gonna ping them now to get in touch with you asap.
Hey everyone! Kevin, thanks for hunting us! A small but important thing to know is that we give $50 bonus to everyone who signs up. (The minimum payout is only $100 and it is done automatically).
Personally I am a big fan of Clickky! Happy to see you are improving it constantly.
@eugenelata Thanks, Eugene! Appreciate your support!
I used Clickky few years ago, and it's good to see you develop and improve your platform. Best of luck!
@paul_shuteyev Thanks a lot, Paul! Clickky Monetization Platform has a unique feature for mobile blogs monetization, and we are quite proud that we were able to create it. Don’t hesitate to check it out.
Looks awesome! Do You support mobile sites as well? Or only applications?
@archiolidius Thanks, Alexander! Sure, Clickky Monetization Solution works both for applications and mobile websites. You can choose from a list of ad formats available for mobile websites here -