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Hey Gilbert, congratulations on the launch. As someone who's considering our deployment setup and looking at deploybot.com (formerly dploy.io), why would I choose clickdeploy over this?
@fredrivett Thanks Fred. Good question. For a start, ClickDeploy is designed to be simple and do one thing well (deployments from GitHub). There are other, more technical and complex apps that allow you to do the same thing. However, none of them are as straightforward to use as ClickDeploy (I'm speaking from experience as I've used both Dploy and Envoyer in the past). Also ClickDeploy is cheaper (discounting Deploybot's free plan).
@gilbitron Thanks for the reply Gilbert! Would you say that ClickDeploy does deployments better than DeployBot? I've not used DeployBot yet, but intrigued how ClickDeploy is better in that regard.
@fredrivett I'm not sure if it does them better or not as that would depend on how you define "better". As far as I'm aware Deploybot has its own deployment system, whereas ClickDeploy uses SSH and Git (making it simple and fast).
@gilbitron Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to clarify Gilbert.
This is the official launch of our new project ClickDeploy. We'd love to hear some feedback so feel free to give us a shout in the comments.
Hi Gilbert, Great idea, setting up deployment for new projects is always a pain :) It may help if you told more on home page (or any other page, for the matter) about what deployment files look like. Does it support capistrano? Dockerfile? docker-compose, aws, heroku? Is it a ClickDeploy specific format? If so, can it leverage other devops tools?
@oelmekki Thanks Olivier. ClickDeploy utilises a very simple deployment workflow in that it simply takes your GitHub repo and "git pulls" it to every server location you add. There are pre/post deployment hooks and config files options for some more advanced deployment, but the basic workflow is very simple. The idea is you don't need to touch the command line once you are setup.
@gilbitron Thanks Gilbert. You should probably mention it somewhere ;)
@oelmekki Thanks for the feedback.
Hey Gilbert, I'm always impressed by what you are building and had trouble seeing how it worked when I first looked at the site. Maybe you should upload a screencast of a basic "Add a server, add a repo, and make everything work together" just so people can see how it would improve their current way of going live. Keep up the good work mate!
@snapeuh Thanks Romain. I'm already planning to add a screencast so thanks for the feedback.
@gilbitron @snapeuh Great video, much clearer now! Thanks Gilbert!