Clickbye 3.0

Find new destinations to fall in love with!

Enter your dates, your budget and your city (or area) of departure and let Clickbye do the search for you!

Clickbye simplifies and personalizes the process to help you find the right destination and book your own customize trip with 1 click.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Product Hunters and Travel Lovers! 👋 You love traveling? Who doesn't ? 😜 This is our third iteration based on our community's feedback. The platform is quicker and slicker with some very cool new features. The goal is to help you travel more all over the World without spending more and saving some time by having everything available within a click. 👉 🌍 Our apps are available in 7 different languages 😊 😎🏝 Need any help navigated in the app or do you have any feedbacks? Feel free to right us here or by email at, we will more than happy to share a moment with you! 🚀Have a nice inspiration
Thanks a lot for this! Je cherchais une app comme ça, et là je viens sur ProductHunt et vous êtes là. Merci ! 🤘 Je vais continuer en anglais pour le bien de cette communauté: If I may; I'd suggest you to add some more informations about the selected city choosen: a few more pictures; some useful informations like how to travel in the city (transport prices; which are available etc); what to do there; maybe an implementation like (there's another website like this but for traveling, I can't find it anymore)
@akdm_ Thank you for your feedback! Indeed we are thinking about adding more info. We already have Flights and Hotels price included and type of travel (Romance, Party, Family, Nature etc..) Un grand merci en tout cas pour tes encouragements et ton retour utilisateur ! 🤘
+++ Nice and easy. Don't add to much stuffs, keep it simple. ---- Doesn't seem to be accurate. The tool is missing a lot of destinations, it would be possible for the budget I put.
@raphael_briere Thanks for your feedback! Yes, it's a hard balance between relevant infos and keep it simple :) About destinations, You are seeing Flights + Hotels (2 stars minimum) by default for your dates but you can choose less stars or switch dates to see more destinations :)
@nessim_clickbye I put 1 stars, switched dates, you can be sure it is missing a lot of destinations.