Your bookmarks, encrypted and decentralized

clickbox is a cross-device bookmark manager where you own your data; powered by Blockstack.

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What benefit does decentralising bookmarks give?
@gregjwww if the service disappears you still have a JSON file containing all your bookmarks. There's also no way your usage can be censored (e.g. blocking the bookmarking of certain links). It's kind of academic though - this was just my Hello World for getting familiar with the Blockstack platform. Thanks for checking it out.
I just created this. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for improvement.
is the bookmarks are stored online?
@khalef_ka Yes, they are stored in the GAIA storage associated with your Blockstack account, encrypted so that only your identity can read them.
I had to create an account just to ask whether you're being serious with that color choice for the signup link? -.-
Bookmarks are usually stored locally. Why would I want to move them to the blockchain?
@andrei_nedelcu you could use this to share your bookmarks between multiple devices. BTW: Technically your bookmarks aren't going on a blockchain, but a blockchain is used to secure the identity used to encrypt your bookmarks.