Practice touch typing in the command line

cli-typer is command line app that let's you practice touch typing and giving you useful statistics. You can configure the running time, the input wordlist and even the number of words displayed in one line. Optionally you can save you results as well. For the installation instruction an usage information check out the Github repo!

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Let’s make this happen while you wait for ‘npm install’
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@gsimone it's funny, especially that cli-typer has no dependencies so you can run it without npm install x)
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@qwhex That's a missed occasion to run cli-typer ( this is getting too meta 😄)
@_balzss do you have any plans to gamify this by adding social rankings etc? It'd be cool to play a thing liked that on the terminal..
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@amrith That's a really great idea! Do you have any specific suggestions to make this happen? Maybe global leader boards or country specific rankings?
@amrith @_balzss Maybe you can integrate with typeracer?

If you have node installed its definitely worth a try! Maybe its easier for Mac and Linux users who are accustomed to terminal apps, but you can install it on Windows as well.


lightweight, easy to use, convenient, multi-platform (js), customizable



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Hitting a lot of errors downloading this ahhhh
@mahad_aamir Can you please give me some details on those errors? I'll try to fix them ASAP.