CleverTap 2.0

Integrates app analytics and mobile engagement

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Thanks for the hunt. We’re super excited! We’re a mobile engagement and analytics platform for app developers. We built CleverTap so developers could understand user behavior down to each individual and reach them with personalized messaging. Our focus is on segmentation - the ability to find like groups of users based on their specific activities in an App. We let you engage each segment with personalized Push, In App, Email or Web messages that you can send (trigger) based on user activity. And although our UI is great, our APIs gives you full access to your data and our features programmatically. Thanks again for checking us out!
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⚡As a gesture of appreciation, we're offering a 20% off for 6 months on ALL our pricing plans @CleverTap - Thanks for the continued support.
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@helloanand What is the difference here with WizRocket ? - seems to the be the same site. If so, what are the major updates?
@bentossell We were called WizRocket earlier before our launch. (alpha) We've branded as CleverTap now. Here are the major updates now available in the platform: - Powerful segmentation and personalized messaging features - Rich APIs that give you complete access to your data - Triggered notifications - see this Hope this helps Anand
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CleverTap lets you understand behavior down to the individual, segment based on activity, and reach each user in the moment, as they interact with your App. It also lets you deliver personalized messaging with Push, InApp, Web, Email or retargeting campaigns. Its FREE pricing plan offers up to 1 Million events per month with unlimited MAUs and messaging.
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We have been using CleverTap for a number of our products over the last few months. From the technical stand-point, it is a first grade product with excellent documentation and a super team keen to delight their customers. They also have a Parse migration kit which helped us immensely - Keep it up Anand & team!
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@anant_garg Thanks so much Anant. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping our product. Happy to have you as a customer.
Been using CleverTap at Quinto for a while now. Nifty tool – apart from being the most sensible and not-pocket-pinching analytics tool out there, love their pre-configured Clever Campaigns to welcome new users, reminders based on individual usage frequency, etc. Oh, by the way, this is being built by people who've run and sold a B2C company before – they know the pains we go through. Quick on support as well. Totally recommend this.
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@sahilk Clever Campaigns is one of our most loved feature. Thanks for helping us in our journey as we shaped up the product.
@sahilk thanks a lot
We have been using CleverTap for our internal use as well as for all of our customers. Solid product, great use case and am always pleasantly surprised at how quickly they add extremely relevant features!
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@nameet Thanks so much. This means a lot. We built customer delight into the DNA of the company.
@nameet thanks indeed!