A collaboration tool for thinking & making better decisions.

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Cleverstack is a tool that uses iterative thinking to make progress, and make better decisions. You create a prompt, add ideas, then vote on your ideas in order to rank and prioritize. Use it on your own or collaborate with friends.

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark JohnsonFounder and Designer at BudBud

    It's quick and easy to use. Helps get brain ideas out without thinking so hard.


    You can't move stuff around like you may think to do in a tool like Trello, but that's kind of the point and this isn't Trello.

    I've used Cleverstack throughout its testing and beta stages. It's been an incredibly helpful tool for when I just need to think and jot down my thoughts without as much concern about layout or order. Then it's a helpful place for me to re-prioritize what it is I'm actually thinking, and how I'll end up executing on that thinking.

    Mark Johnson has used this product for one year.
  • Jason Vega
    Jason VegaBit aloof

    Not an overly bloated app that tries to do everything and actually helps you get ideas out of your head like it says it does.


    It hasn't come out sooner

    Makes the idea process fun by not looking so serious all the time. Also love the sticky voting - makes you feel like a human and not just a Borg all the time.

    Jason Vega has used this product for one year.
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Thomas Drach
Thomas DrachMaker@thomasdrach · Principal, Subtract
Hey Hunters! Cleverstack is a product that allows you to create Stacks: a different kind of document made for thinking and collaboration. Cleverstack helps you make better decisions through iterative thinking. You can use it on your own, or collaborate with friends! This is all a fancy way to say: threaded conversations done different. If you like, you can add feedback on Cleverstack, with Cleverstack here: Enjoy!
Nadezhda Kos
Nadezhda Kos@nadezhda_kos · Marketing Manager, Sarafan Tech
@thomasdrach Nice job, Thomas! And what is your next step? How are you intended to monetize your idea?
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson@markjohnsoncc · Founder and Designer at BudBud
Hey @thomasdrach! Congrats on the launch! What would you say is the feature or use case you think would be most common? Or phrased another way, how does Cleverstack best help you?
Thomas Drach
Thomas DrachMaker@thomasdrach · Principal, Subtract
@markjohnsoncc Collaborating with a group, and having a conversation about a related topic but with several threads, is the best use I've found for Cleverstack. If you're trying to work through a problem and jot your thoughts, it's good for that. It's also not the worst for just getting words on to a page and trying to make progress on your own. Sometimes if you're stuck, it helps to just type.
Dorota Parad
Dorota Parad@dorota_parad · Founder and CEO, Rhosys
You are onto something. I haven't yet found a convenient tool for facilitating remote brainstorming sessions, and I need one in my life. I think your app does need a bit more polish when it comes to UX (it feels a little clunky), but I like where this is going. What I love about it is the ease to get a session started (once you figure out the UI). One thing missing for me is the ability to see the number of votes in the Findings view. Looking forward to see where you'll take this product, keep up the good work!