Learning Game Console for Your Pet

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Check out CleverPet's Kickstarter page to discover true awesomeness ( A product so innovative, it almost makes me want to adopt a dog just so I can pre-order CleverPet. Love that it has an API and you can continue to challenge your pet's thinking.
Met the CleverPet guys at Makers Faire. I like how they think about pet learning and can't wait to see it in the market.
MORE PET TECH! Several pet-related products have been submitted to PH recently: - WhistleGPS - Monitor your pet's location & activity from your smartphone cc @steveneidelman - Pawly - A new way to play with your pet when you are away - Holidogs - airbnb for dogs - no joke! =P cc @bebemuller - BarkBuddy - Tinder for dogs. Adopt cute pups that need a home. cc @werdelin - Barks and Rec - On Demand Dogwalkers (SF only) cc @siobhanquinn - Kittyo - Play With Your Cat. Even When You're Not Home via Phone And in the unfortunate event that you lose a pet, there's always Cuddle Clones, custom stuffed animals based on your pet. cc @imkialikethecar, @andrewchen, @sandimac, @carlobff
@rrhoover maybe you should add to the list. (also, this is an interesting interview with the founder: By the way: cleverpet + osmo ( Just think about it.
@rrhoover I was going for training wicked smart dogs, but yea that would work too :)