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Hey Product Hunt! I'm super proud and excited to finally be sharing this with you all. I've personally used CleverDeck to learn over 3000 words in Turkish, 1000 words (and growing) in German, and the capitals and location of every country in the world. Spaced repetition really does work. It's always perplexed me that spaced repetition isn't more popular than it is. A learning technique that let's you have your cake and eat it too - spend less time studying and remember everything better? Count me in. I remember moving to Istanbul from San Francisco in 2012 and falling in love with the Turkish language. Learning a new language is a complicated and multi-faceted marathon of a task, but one thing became immediately clear: I needed to learn a few thousand words if I was going to start speaking or reading any real Turkish. Of course, the vocabulary problem is only one of many things to tackle in a successful language learning regime, but it's the one that I chose to focus on solving the best I could. I figured there were three parts to solving that problem well. First, a robust implementation of a spaced repetition algorithm. Second, a well-designed mobile app that makes frequent studying as pleasant as possible. And third, ready-made, high-quality frequency lists, since making or editing cards is usually the most time consuming part of using an SRS system. I was convinced that nothing on the market did a good job at all three, so I built CleverDeck. Two years ago, I launched four separate CleverDeck apps: one for Spanish, German, Turkish, and French. It's been a hoot watching those apps help people learn languages, but I was always bothered that I had stopped short of making a more general-purpose spaced repetition system. After all, spaced repetition is useful for learning anything from medical terms to chemical elements to Pokemon names - not just languages. With the help of over 30 people from 15 countries, the new grand unified CleverDeck now comes bundled with seven new languages and several new geography and trivia decks, while making it significantly easier to create or import your own content. There are too many new features to list here, but come from two years of implementing things CleverDeck's daily users told me they wanted. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback, or questions. Cheers!
Looks promising! Is there a Anki deck import feature ?
@alantrumeau Thanks! There's an import for Quizlet in-app, but not for Anki yet. I don't think there's any great way to do an Anki import on the device, so I'm going to need to build an accompanying web app. It's something that a lot of people have requested, though (and a feature I'd like myself), so I'm planning on building it out in the next couple of weeks.
Usual question when another great product arrives and it's for iPhone only: Any plans for Android?