Competitor analysis & tracking of customer loyalty software

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CleverAnalytics is cloud-based software for location intelligence, competitor analysis & customer loyalty tracking. Connect your business data with data from external sources (i.e. sociodemographics, public registers, data from the real estate business, information about employers in the area, etc.) to analyse them, and find the unexpected relationships.
The makers are here, feel free to ask some questions now :)
@mattes_cz Hey guys. Interesting system - seems really comprehensive with lots of features. Nice work :-) What are the main things that early customers are using it for? Could you give a few simple examples.
@prattarazzi Hey Eddie, it's used by retail, e-commerce and utilities customers. The main use case is analysis of loyalty programs and combination with other datasets. Thanks for this, we help identify catchment areas of branches, market potential and market share. It is valuable for marketing purposes, planning of branch expansion and more. 90% of retail sales happen offline and we're like GoogleAnalytics for brick-and-mortar locations.
@mattes_cz This looks really powerful! I think you could really demonstrate the benefits through using some live group webinars/sharing sessions. That way you could walk and talk through how to engage with the product and how to interpret data and gain insights.
@prattarazzi Great idea, we'll prepare some webinar for next wednesday, stay tuned.
@prattarazzi ah webinars are waste of time and money :)
@bogomep Interesting! What would you suggest?
Thanks everybody for votes and feedback. It's nice to be up in the list with B2B product. We're still here to answer any questions you have.