Clever Grid

Easy to use and fairly priced GPUs for Machine Learning

Clever Grid is a new service for data scientists, particularly those working on ML, AI, and/or deep learning, giving them the possibility to rent GPUs and pay as they go based upon hours of use.
Clever Grid is hosted in Europe, and comply 100% with GDPR.
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13 Reviews5.0/5
Hey there! We're super happy to finally launch our new product: Clever Grid. First and foremost, Clever Grid provides a simple, low-cost solution for GPU renting. You can access a single core GPU with 250 GB of storage for only €10 per day. But multi-core GPU are available if you need to ramp this up ;) We've built a special dashboard for it, with code templates for quick a start and even a live code editor in the console! And permanent storage is available via S3 buckets, to keep your results safe and secure. Hope you'll like ! Quentin
@quentin_adam Congrats guys! Seems to be (again) a great product!

CleverCloud has a really good support team. They help you any time.


Powerful machines at a reasonable price.


No cons

Which models of GPU cards do you offer?
@visualpharm Hello there 👋 Clever Grid uses Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

I’ve been using clever and clever Grid since the very first beta. You should definitely give it a try !


Clever is awesome



Thanks Clement ! :)

I've been using Clever Cloud for years, I'll try Clever Grid as soon as I can


Clever team has done awesome work on Clever Cloud, I have no doubt they will do the same for Clever Grid!


No cons, as Apache says : "It works"