Commission Free Real Estate

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Worked with @benmizes on a project years ago and was excited to see he was launching something new! Always awesome to see disruption in the real estate space.
What makes this different from any other no commission or discount realtor? This isn't really a new concept, though no one has been all that successful with it yet (exeption of Redfin, who still has a ton of ground left to cover).
@andreoidb We're using a different model than most discount brokerages. We're a nationwide company that works with traditional listing agents who agree to our terms to help expand their business. This allows us to provide a quality agent at a discount price.
@benmizes Does the home get listed in the MLS? Also, in a standard real estate transaction, there is a seller's and a buyer's agent. How does the buyer's agent get paid?
@stephenchip The home is listed on the MLS by the local agent we connect you with. We recommend that you offer commission to buyer's agents.