Cleu 2.0

The morning school to start each day focused and motivated

Alarm - An alarm clock that ensures a personalized wake-up with a song or a coffee.
Announcements - Secure and private voice notes from personal network.
ZeroPeriod - Professional learning on your own time. Assessments for accountability.
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Our team has been lucky enough to help launch and scale global brands in education, technology, food, and IoT. Cleu is the culmination of our learnings. Now available on iPhone, Android, and Web for Chromebook. Problem: At Cleu, we're solving the global problem of procrastination. This behavior starts in the morning and affects over 1.5 Billion people every-day. Our majority customer base is US Public K-12 school teachers, students, and parents that use Cleu to wake-up and get out of bed, securely communicate with personal networks, and complete educational content- to start each day focused. Our Mission: Help teachers, students, and parents- start each day focused. “Cleu is a product that connects students to everyone and everything they need for success.” - Media Arts Teacher, Indian Prairie School District #204
Interesting in checking this out. Specifically I am interested in seeing how customizable an experience we can create. I don’t want to follow a curriculum but I would be interested in a phone a friend option when I get stuck on something.
@justinfinkel I like your idea of 'phone-a-friend'. Thanks for sharing that. In upcoming releases we're releasing the ability to auto-schedule classes. Your idea is smart for 'during-class' activity. Let us know if there are challenging curriculums you're getting through. We can always add content to help you push through the challenge with or without a friend.

Solid focus, great team, and, most of all, a product that just works! Seamless and easy to use!


Fixes my morning procrastination issues!