Turn an app idea into a spec doc with instant cost estimate

Have a great app idea but don’t know where to start? Clementine helps you turn your idea into a shareable, professional spec document for free. You’ll instantly get price and timeline estimates, mock-ups of sample pages, and a standalone scope doc.

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Hey, everyone! Maria from AirDev here, the maker of Clementine. Thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt! Wanted to provide some background about the product: When you have an idea for a new app, it can be really difficult to navigate conversations with developers around features, prices and timelines. Unfortunately, lots of projects end up being over-budget and downright frustrating. The AirDev team has had hundreds of scoping conversations with entrepreneurs, and we’ve developed a structured method for breaking down ideas into components, so everything can be clearly communicated and accurately quoted. Since we can only have so many of these scoping calls, we decided to transfer what we’ve learned into a self-service tool, so anybody can create a professional scope doc and get real-time pricing. It’s as simple as defining your users and the sets of actions they can take. Clementine makes smart suggestions along the way and continuously updates the price, so you can decide what to prioritize or save for later. You can also check out sample pages of what your app might look like. When you’re ready, you’ll have a scope doc you can share with anyone - your team, investors, developers, etc. We hope you find Clementine useful and would love your feedback!
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Hey @maria_posa, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? What was your inspiration?
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Hi @jacqvon! The inspiration behind Clementine is that so many people out there have awesome ideas for apps but have no idea where to start. In order to have a spec doc made, you typically have to work with a developer or agency, which is too big of a first step for people who are just shopping around. Clementine lets you create that spec yourself, with no commitment, and then you're free to share the spec with colleagues, friends, family, developers, investors, etc. We found that there are really simple pricing tools (mostly for websites, not apps) but nothing like Clementine that'll be able to calculate an accurate price range from details like user types, user actions, add-on features, and third-party integrations.
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Congrats on launching 🚀 How does Clementine actually work - what is the process from submitting an idea to getting a spec? @maria_posa
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Hey @abadesi - Clementine is a self-service tool that lets you build your own spec and will automatically give you a quote based on AirDev's ( pricing. At any point, you can submit it to us to chat about your idea and potentially building the app!
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Congrats on the launch. What kind of costs do you account for? I assume nothing too complicated like potential AWS fees, but time and labor is a good start.
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Thanks @justinotherjohnson! At AirDev ( we build all of our apps using a platform called Bubble ( So, the price range that Clementine creates is all-inclusive of AirDev's fees. Additional ongoing costs would be your Bubble account (which varies based on the level) and any paid third-party integrations your app requires. AWS costs are incorporated into your Bubble account unless you need a higher storage capacity. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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You go right to work with everything set up in a manner of clicks


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