The HTML5 Music teacher

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Davide Filiaggi
Davide FiliaggiMaker@davidefiliaggi · Entrepreneur, work Cleffy!
Hey ProductHunters! I’m Davide, co-founder of Cleffy! We created Cleffy to help people learning music! Nowadays, many people tend to give up after their first lessons, because they may be really complicated and boring. Furthermore, music courses are very expensive and often incompatible with our lifestyles and schedule. Cleffy is a virtual teacher (fully HTML5) that can perform a real music lesson. Like a human teacher, Cleffy is able to speak and give exercises. Furthermore, through the microphone of your computer or Tablet, it can listen to you while you are playing and tell if you are doing the exercise properly or not. The biggest challenge was to avoid using an external plugin or different desktop software and coming with an audio recognition engine which is entirely web based. If you have any question, ask us anything!