The only app that matters while you are texting and walking,

Clearvue uses a unique idea and combines your text messaging services with your front camera, so you get to easily view the things in front and below of you and text as much as you want at the same time.

Jitesh Dugar
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    Solution to phone addiction



    Clearvue is a great utility app for modern age users who have to be on their mobile devices a lot of times. It makes it incredibly easy for these users to walk and text with ease.

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Let's admit it - In today's generation, we love to stay in touch with our friends via text messaging or messenger apps that we continue to use our mobile devices even while walking. This could become risky at times when we lose sight of the road that we are walking on. Clearvue app is truly a life-saver as it combines text messaging without allowing us to lose sight of the front view. The app is super easy to use with a clean design. It has no ads. No more silly stumbling around and no more missing out on messages: it’s an absolute win-win.