Easy e-Filing of Tax Returns in India

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Happy ClearTax user here. I was amazed by their ability to detect everything from a PDF though it had minor glitches. And to top it up, it’s free. @architgupta I’ve donated for the service. Keep up the great work.
@cherianthomas Thank you Cherian! The PDF thing is very hard work! Our goal is simple, automated tax filing. You shouldn't have to enter data! Please do recommend ClearTax to friends and family :)
@architgupta Can't do. Everyone I know uses it already :-)
Great job @architgupta and rest of ClearTax. Have followed your progress since YC days and recommended this to several folks. Noted (with amusement) you recent comments about how your competition is government software.
@kartikparija Thank you Kartik for recommending to friends! Hope you e-Filed via ClearTax. We actually think the Government software is pretty crummy to use, but it has reach and trust by default. :)
ClearTax was launched in the summer of 2011 by us. It helps Indian Individuals and Businesses e-File their Tax Returns. E-Filing is new to India and this created an opportunity to create something fresh from ground up which is simple to use for a person not versed with Taxes and jargon. We think ClearTax is the easiest way to file Tax Returns in India. Its used by hundred of thousands of users in India. A user has to just upload their F-16 (like a W-2 in the US) and everything in their tax return gets filled up in the correct places.
@architgupta what are some of the main differences between filing in India vs US?
@eriktorenberg Interesting question. At the high level, Federal tax returns are similar (Income from wages, Business are taxed similarly). House ownership is incentivised from a tax angle. Capital Gains has a lower rate of taxation. In India, States cannot levy Income Taxes, so we do not have State Tax Returns - potentially missing a source of business for us ;) The US has a lot more credits and tiny incentives and a more complex "itemized deduction" which India does not have. But I think American tax software can be simpler!