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ClearList tries to solve the problem we face when opening cool articles we find. Few hours later, 30+ tabs are open and still 0 article read.
Add your links, setup your timetable and it will send it at the perfect time for you on a daily basis.
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👋 Hey hunters! This is a product I started a year ago because I faced an issue, but then I focused on other projects. Fast forward a year later, I took this project back and decided to share it, because I still face the same issue. Here's everything: 🚨 Problem This is a bad habit I have and pretty sure you too: I find cool articles all over the Internet. As I am browsing now, I open them in a new browser tab and keep them until I find time to read. One day, then one week, then one month.. And still, I open more links and only close two or three that I read. I know the best way to have my focus is by email, at a specific time: when I'm on public transport. 💡 Solution I built ClearList, a simple website, doing this: you add your links either manually or by linking your Pocket account and you choose your preferred hour (and days) to receive them. Each day, or each -selected- day, you will receive the article by email at your favorite time, right in your inbox and in most cases, offline. It's like your own curated newsletter helping you to get rid of those 30+ tabs opened, your computer will thank you! ❤️ I can't wait to have your insights on what should be improved and I hope you will love it and this will help you as it helps me everyday!
Hey Joshua, love the concept. Totally can relate I have a very large number of tabs open on my phone, mostly articles that I want to read. 🙌🏼congrats on the launch.
@pradipcloud Hello Pradip, thanks for your comment! I hope this can help you :)
Nice work Joshua! I constantly have articles bookmarked that I forget about. This is a great way to be reminded to go back to them!
@jjbuildit Thank you for your insights since the beginning of the project! I hope you will use it :)
Love the problem this solves! Can't wait to start using the product 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thank you, I hope it will help you get rid of your 30+ opened tabs haha Feel free to reach me at anytime if you have any feedback :)
Just signed up! Like the concept I always have to many tabs open
@colinrhys Thank you, Colin! I hope ClearList will help you and feel free to reach me if you have any insights :)