Spreadsheet Software That Drives Better Business Decisions

ClearFactr is a spreadsheet software platform purpose-built for financial modeling.

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Even though my father is an accountant I can't seem to get anything that has to do with numbers to stay in my head. Clearfactr solves that problem perfectly. I don't spend all day living inside of spreadsheets but I'd imagine people who do would find this tremendously helpful. Plus @DeanZarras is a great guy as well :)
@mrmikesmith Thanks so much Mike. People may want to check out this recent article at Medium that more fully describes what we're seeking to do: We've got live tours at our homepage, and anyone can be using the full version of the app for free in under a minute. For a 2-minute video tour, check this out:
ClearFactr is elegant, intuitive, and seems like where Excel should be, but it's too tangled in its own bloat.
Someone may ask... "Who's your target audience?" We find the best endorsement for our product comes from people who say they can actually build a smaller, easier to understand model versus what they'd program in Excel or Google Sheets, but one that is simultaneously way more powerful. Who builds these kinds of models? Any FP&A person doing any type of time-based analysis; an outsourced CFO whose client relationships detour all too often into spreadsheet lessons; anyone with a P&L that needs to model their numbers with sensitivity and scenario analysis and share it all with an opinionated audience; personal financial planning -- just to name some. How many people program their own sensitivity analysis and scenario comparison stuff (or should have those analytics, but don't)? Here's how we do it:
An investment banker associate told us recently "You've taken four or five products that I use all day long and have automated my job." Not in the employment-replacement sense, but in the sense of solving sheer drudgery, opportunities for errors, wasted time, ineffective communication and ultimately, personal and corporate risk. We couldn't have said it better.
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Here's our latest product update video, announcing advanced editing support features that make building models easier than ever: