AI-powered credit card for startups

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Hey PH community! I am excited to announce CLEAR card and would love to get your feedback about it. Working in the startup space, I noticed how many people spent a good portion of their time accounting for expenses instead of focusing on their business. CLEAR is a card powered by AI that allows you to ask questions about your business and get answers anywhere at anytime. Think about it like an automated CPA.
Looks cool - let us know when its available
@bentossell Thanks Ben! We expect to be out by the end of the year and have our private beta cards out soon.
Hi! Could you elaborate more about your product? The description just says how cool it is, but isn't really explaining what is the product. Why would I ask questions to my credit card? :) Disclosure - I haven't checked your website.
@vlamic great question. The credit card automatically categorizes your transactions into understandable categories (not like Capital Expense). By doing this, you can ask it questions such as "how much money did I spend on coffee this month", and it would return an answer. Kind of like Siri for your business expenses.
@vlamic take a look at the site, I would love to get some feedback from it!