Clear Cache for Chrome

Helps clean your data from Chrome easily.

#3 Product of the DayDecember 28, 2019
Clear Cache for Google Chrome is a FREE extension to remove your browsing history, cache, cookies, downloads, forms, local storage, passwords, IndexedDB, app cache, web SQL data, data plugin, file systems, cache storage and service workers.
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The design is really on point, great job!
Hi Bruce. Thanks for your words!
love the design - especially the logo. Good luck!
Hi Sriram Thank you, support me and your words!
Quick question - does the extension also delete chrome local storage, ie., the local storage that the chrome API uses?
I've been looking for one of these. All the similar extensions I tried seem to be run by the same spam company. Mysterious popunders started appearing, scary stuff with chrome extensions. Makes me wonder how this one is monetized. It has access to all your cookies for a start...
Hi David How is it monetized? This extension is monetized with donations from, if you open the extension, you will see. Access to all your cookies? No. Why? This extension only requires 2 minimum permissions to work, "browsingData" and "storage" Is a spam extension? No. Why? Others extensions ask for these permissions, http://*/*, https://*/* and "all_urls" Thanks for support me. Nice day!
Just a question? your Product Hunt profile is really weird. You don't follow anyone, except for me. Unusual