an iOS ad blocker built by advertisers

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Hey guys, I'm lead on this's a timely medium post about Clear
@just_kaz Oh btw, Clear is free.
Ok, I read your Medium piece and get it now, but "an adblocker from advertisers" is like Nicorette from the tabbacco industry. You don't describe how/when users decide which ads they want -- you only express how they express intent. So does that mean you'll somehow whitelist retargeting ads, etc? I guess I'm just confused what your actual product differentiation is.
@chrismessina Only users can whitelist ads, that's that, we'll keep our block list as up to date as possible to make sure we block as many ads as we can. We are actively working on features to reward content in a much different way than ads.
@just_kaz @chrismessina I should say only users can whitelist sites for ads to appear on if that users wants to support that particular site through advertising...within safari you can click the share button and use our whitelist option for any domain.