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I guess it may be suitable for some communities but I really don't see the issue with profanity being a thing to kick people out of a community. Unless its obviously in the sense of 'Fuck you' ha.
@bentossell You're exactly right Ben. This action doesn't make sense for all communities, CleanSpeak gives the community moderator the tools to take whatever action is appropriate. Kicking a user is generally a last resort and is completely up to each community.
@bentossell Profanity is just one of many issues that occur in communities. Trolling, aggressive behavior, racism, self-harm, threats, etc. I'm sure you've seen a single troll destroy a great conversation. Or a racism comment start a flame war. CleanSpeak identifies all of these behaviors and allows moderators to manage users in a wide variety of ways. The power of CleanSpeak is in the way it can analyze content in real-time, generate alerts and then allow moderators to quickly respond. That response might be a simple warning or a 3 day suspension. Besides manual moderation, CleanSpeak can also build reputation scores for users and perform automated moderation tasks as well. We've had customer claim 6x efficiency of their moderation team using CleanSpeak.