CleanShot X is the ultimate screen capturing app for macOS. With its rich toolkit, it feels like 6 apps in one. You can use it to swiftly capture your screen without desktop icons, record and trim video, annotate, save screenshots to our cloud, and much more.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt! Since launching the first CleanShot, the app gained thousands of users, who use CleanShot every day to capture their screen in a smarter way. For the past few months we've been working really hard to rewrite the app and make it even better. CleanShot X provides over 50 changes making it the ultimate screen capturing tool! New in this version: - 🌩 CleanShot Cloud - blazing fast screenshot sharing - 📃 Scrolling capture - captury any scrollable content - 🖌 New Annotate tools like: Crop, Pencil, Counter, Highlighther and Filled Rectangle - 📌 Pin your screenshots above all windows - ⏰ Self-timer screenshots - 🔥 Quick Access Overlay 3.0 - ✂️ Built-in video trimming - 📝 Renaming screenshots - 🎞 GIFs produced by CleanShot are now half the size - 🎥 New Recording UI and Single Window recording mode - 🤫 Mute notifications while recording - 🛠 Countless customization options - ...and a lot more! You can check out all the 50+ changes on the website. 🆙 As always users of the previous version are eligible for an upgrade discount. 🎁 We're also running a deal for the Product Hunt community. For the launch day only you can get CleanShot X 20% OFF! I would love to hear your feedback on this!
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@lukaszmtw you guys really outdid yourselves with all the added features. Instant purchase and further recommendations to my friends and network. thanks for making a great product
@manny_orduna thank you Manny! We put all our hearts into our products and it really means a lot us 😌
@lukaszmtw Congratulations! Very exciting improvements. What will happen with CleanShot users via Setapp?
@lukaszmtw Wow, looks like we get the upgrade! Unexpected and very cool. Thanks!
@heliostatic yes, the app is available in Setapp already! :)
There's so much opportunity in the space of taking Mac OS features and 10x-ing them. What's hard is the execution. The new CleanShot goes above and beyond its predecessor in terms of finesse and thoughtfulness. Best $29 you'll spend this month.
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@shawnroos Thanks a lot Shawn! 🙌
New features are so useful! I really like the scrolling capture 🖼
@pankarol_ Thanks! 👊 I'm using the scrolling capture nearly every day too.
This is a truly awesome utility for IT professionals who have the need to constantly take screenshots and share them. There is a copy feature, annotate feature and so many more which I absolutely love.
@torchaj Thanks a lot! I'm really glad you love using CleanShot. 😍
Instant purchase. Both cleanshot and pixelsnap have been two apps that live inside my menu bar providing that much needed extended function that feels native to mac os. They key feature that sold me is the rolling screen shot. Now you don't need to stitch anything together anymore and it's really something that will come handy every day. Although you need to create an account to use their cloud, they have opted to make this available as a one time purchase. No subscription needed unlike flexibits who went for the "milk your user base" route. great product and devs that I would recommend to my friends.
@manny_orduna I’m really glad you like our apps. Messages like this keep us going! ❤️