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CleanMyPC is a dozen tools in one for a cleaner and safer PC. It scans your whole system to clean up junk files and speed up your computer. Uninstall apps the right way, remove annoying apps sitting in your Autorun, protect online privacy, and more.

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Hey Product Hunters, CleanMyPC is a leading utilitiy for computer cleanup and maintenance. We've added a slew of UX goodies, so the PC cleaning process became intuitive, simple and beautiful! With the new CleanMyPC you can: - Clean up and fix Windows Registry - Uninstall programs completely - Easily manage extensions and plugins - Switch off Autorun programs - Clear cookies and downloads in Microsoft Edge browser I'd love to hear what you think of the new CleanMyPC. Share your thoughts in the replies!
@ua_philka On the product page, you should show what the differences are between the free download and the paid one.
@vicky_buddie the trial version of CleanMyPC can clean only 500 MB of disk space.
Sounds like a useful tool for all Windows users! Good luck guys.
Finally, a long awaited update of our Product for Windows, CleanMyPC! We are really proud that we where able to bring the product to the next and modern level. Enjoy!
What are main differences between CCleaner vs CleanMyPc?
@amits510 At MacPaw we have years of experience in making cleaning simple [I mean really simple] and we're bringing it to Windows platform. You're welcome to try it.
@dc_devotion - Hi Oleg, first of all, congrats for launching your product for Windows users but I guess you didn't answer Amit's question. I was wondering what's the difference between cCleaner and CleanMyPc...?? Why should we opt for CleanMyPC over cCleaner?? I believe you already know your competitors in windows here are some, cCleaner, glary utilities, IOBit system care etc. So If you could share why should one choose CleanMyPC, it would be great. Btw, I've been using cCleaner for several years, the free version does a great job, no cleaning limits, no restrictions in any way and I'm a happy user.
@ramkumarhq @dc_devotion @alexabian Thanks everyone for your interest in CleanMyPC and your questions. CCleaner is a great tool, and, as was mentioned by Alex below, it does have a solid reputation among IT admins and veteran Windows users. What we wanted to make is a PC cleaning tool that would work for everyone regardless of their tech skills. We don’t want to overwhelm an average user with settings and details they don’t really need. CleanMyPC is pretty much Mac user experience transferred to Windows: it’s simple, intuitive, and minimalistic. It currently does a great job cleaning up your computer, and in the future we’re planning to add new functionality that you guys expect from a utility like this. For those wondering about the differences between the free and the paid versions, I’d like to clarify that we offer a free trial of CleanMyPC, not a standalone free version. You can download it and give it a try just to see what I’m talking about.
I can't remember the last time I hunted a PC product, but judging from some of the comments on PH, I know there are still loads of Windows users out there. It's also made by the team that makes CleanMyMac, so they're platform neutral. Here's what @ua_philka told me about this product: "CleanMyPC has and everything you need to make your PC run faster and smoother, wasting no time. It cleans out system junk, including notorious cache files and memory dumps, uninstalls apps together with leftovers, runs registry maintenance, and helps you easily manage extensions and plugins. It’s one tool to keep your whole computer in perfect shape for years." Pro tip: you can save 22.5% if you sign up and shop through ebates (referral link). Here's Macpaw's listing.
@chrismessina thank you for hunting CleanMyPC. As CleanMyMac makers we want to deliver both: great experience to users and more space to their PCs and Macs.