Cleanly Reserve

Amazon Prime for laundry & dry cleaning

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Hola Hunters! I'm Tom, Co-founder & CEO of Cleanly. Our team is pretty stoked to release our new app + Cleanly Reserve, the first laundry & dry cleaning subscription membership. The app has a whole bunch of new features like Block Party pricing, Stain Mark technology, and more. Happy to chat about any of them, or laundry in general. AMA *Edit: almost forgot, for folks in NYC use code PRODUCTHUNT for $15 off your first order. More cities coming soon.
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Oh my goodness come to San Francisco already! I love the subscription piece so I'm forced to get stuff out the door instead piled up in my closet.
@kazanjy Plus one for SF
@jimmydouglas @kazanjy Another for SF/Bay Area
@nemrow @kazanjy I thought they already were in SF. i was going to order with them :(
HELL YEAH. Just placed my first order.
@tomharari I was waiting for fly cleaners to come to my neighborhood but this seems way better. 1 hour pickup window and 1 day turnaround are key 🔑 Thanks!
Postmates recently posted some stats that showed their subscription drove a lot more usage. I'd love to hear stats here as a follow up -- awesome work!
@ikirigin Link? I think that's a great idea and we'd totally be up for it
@tomharari Let me try to find it, but snack on this for now
@tomharari here it is "Postmates Unlimited more than doubles a customers order frequency. Subscribers order on average 9.4 times per month!"
Great value proposition to consumers who value their time. Cleanly Reserve is an amazing add-on that allows consumers to really check laundry off their list. Use it when you need it, no extra thought required. Great work @Cleanly and well done on the superb execution. Nationwide rollout is indeed needed!