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@pointrome Laundry and Dry-Cleaning industry is at least a $10bn industry in the US if not bigger, depending on source. Regarding on-demand mobile services I would highly suggest reading @schlaf post that @rrhoover shared above.
@_jacksmith - @semil just published a follow-up to Steve's article: Tap Your Phone, Get Stuff (Including Funding)
Hey ProductHunters - I'm the founder of Cleanly. Happy to answer any questions.
Welcome, @tomharari! @schlaf wrote a fantastic piece on the Uberification of the US Service Economy where he included a similar laundry service, Washio, in his diagram: Laundr and FlyCleaners were also shared on Product Hunt. What areas do you currently serve and when do you plan to expand?
cc'ing @mrjmetz from Washio.